Northpointe PreTeam Athletes are selected from our incredible Recreational Gymnastics Classes. These athletes show intense focus, and the potential for amazing strength and flexibility. Evaluations for our PreTeam Program happen throughout the year in a couple of ways—individually, on the recommendation of their recreational coach, or during our tri-annual Recreation Class Evaluations Week. PreTeam is the first step toward competitive gymnastics.

Northpointe PreTeams train four to six hours each week, focusing on strength, flexibility, balance, form and correct gymnastics positions. PreTeam is a wonderful experience, with fantastic Northpointe Coaches who strike the perfect balance between gymnastics work and fun. The PreTeam will perform several exhibitions throughout the year, giving the Athletes their first taste of gymnastics performance on a big stage. 


Stars is a very special program that nurtures our youngest little PreTeamers. These 3 and 4 year old little wonders are selected on their ability to follow directions, hold body shapes, and move independently from event to event. Training is 1 hour twice a week.