Organizational Chart, Spring 2017

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Spring 2016


Welcome to Northpointe

If you have received access to this document from us, then you are a Northpointe employee or prospective employee. Welcome. We are so glad you are here. An interesting and challenging experience awaits you as a part of our team family.  While we are young as an organization, our ranks are already filled with savvy and seasoned veterans of the athletic arts. We are proud of the reputation and early success of our organization, and feel very strongly that these accomplishments are achieved mostly because of the dedication and hard work of our employees.

At Northpointe, we believe in hiring really good people to provide the highest levels of service to our customers. It is our intention to conduct ourselves with the highest standards of ethical behavior when it comes to taking care of our customers, interacting with each other and protecting our company's interests.

This document, the Northpointe Code of Business Conduct and Ethics or “Code of Conduct,” covers a wide range of business practices and procedures. It serves as a framework to help you understand the core philosophies of Northpointe business and to guide you as you make on-the-job decisions.

As a Northpointe employee, you are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct and any other policies, procedures and guidelines that apply to your position. In doing so, we create a very positive and fulfilling place to work and follow our dreams in the athletic arts. 

While this Code of Conduct is not a contract (expressed or implied) guaranteeing employment for any specific duration, it is a statement of our commitment to our customers, our workmates and ourselves to strive for excellence in our work lives. And although we hope that your employment with us will be long term, either you or Northpointe may terminate this relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause. Please understand that no supervisor or employee of Northpointe other than the Owners has the authority to enter into any agreement with you for employment for any specified period or to make any promises or commitments contrary to the foregoing. For clarity and mutual understanding, any agreements will be in writing.

We wish you the best success, and hope that your employment with Northpointe will be a rewarding relationship.



You have been invited to join our Northpointe Staff Family because we see something special in you. You were selected, in part, because we believe you will be a great fit with our Staff. This is very important to us, because we all spend a lot of time here working (and playing) together. We expect that you will add your unique "you-ness" to our family, and that we will be better because of it. Like any family, ours works best when we all understand and ascribe to a few simple principles:

  • We respect each other at all times, in all situations
  • We choose to believe the best about each other
  • We contribute to the best of our abilities and strive to go the extra mile
  • Whenever an issue arises (and it does, occasionally) we take it first and only to the individuals involved
  • We treat everyone at least as well as we would like to be treated ourselves

Pretty simple. But incredibly important. Following these values, our workplace stays fun and allows us to be happy and do our best work. If you ever have any questions about how to apply any of these principles in a given situation, please talk to a Northpointe Owner. This philosophy starts at the top of the organization and flows throughout. 


We expect you to use good judgment when it comes to taking care of our customers and in your interactions with other Northpointe employees. The following pages contain important information and guidelines we have created to help you use good judgment. When we talk about using good judgment, it's really about how we treat our customers, how we treat each other and how we do business. If you have questions about what using good judgment means, please have a deep conversation with a Northpointe Owner.


We value and encourage open and honest discussion, which is why our Open Door philosophy is such an important part of our culture. Clear, open, honest, and respectful communication is essential. We want you to feel confident in discussing any issue with the person or people directly involved.

The following individuals are among those who can help you with any questions or concerns you may have:

  • The General Manager
  • The Director of Gymnastics
  • A Northpointe Owner

In the event you become aware of illegal or unethical behavior, immediately report it to one of the above individuals.


We do not permit retaliation of any kind against employees who report possible misconduct, raise a concern regarding a violation of this Code of Conduct, participate in an investigation or otherwise engage in legally protected activity. Anyone who retaliates will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

If you feel you have been subject to retaliation, immediately contact a Northpointe Owner.


We have a commitment to provide our customers with the best possible service every time they visit us. We do everything we can to make them feel welcome, respected and comfortable. Our focus is and always will be to provide our customers with a great experience and to continually maintain a strong and lasting relationship with them. We ask that you always use good judgment and treat customers in the manner that you would like to be treated.


We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our customer, employee and business information.

Personal information includes names, mailing and email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, Social Security Numbers, purchase and return information, and cardholder or other account data, as well as health information of any of the athletes.

When it comes to Customer Information, it’s Important for you to remember to:

  • Access and use personal information only when appropriate for authorized Northpointe-related purposes.
  • Ensure you capture and record customer information accurately once you have the customer's permission.
  • Comply with all Northpointe policies and procedures for handling personal information and accessing systems to ensure that we meet our legal obligations, protect our reputation and protect our investment in proprietary information.

Also, you need to remember NOT to:

  • Share or release any customer information to unauthorized third parties (via social media, vendors, insurance companies, investigators, friends or family members of the customer). If you witness, become aware of, or suspect a situation where sensitive, personal or confidential information is or may be lost, stolen or disclosed outside the company in an unauthorized manner — whether it's deliberate or accidental — immediately notify the General Manager.


Various employee categories are mentioned throughout this Code of Conduct that you should be aware of. These include:

  • Full Time:  An employee who is scheduled to work at least 35 hours per week on a regular basis.
  • Part Time:  An employee who is scheduled to work between 16 and 34 hours per week, 
  • Irregular Part Time:  An employee who is scheduled to work between 1 and 15 hours per week.
  • Temporary: An employee who is scheduled as either full time or part time on a temporary basis, such as over the summer or during the school year only.

Employees are also classified for payroll purposes as follows:

  • Hourly:  An hourly employee covered by the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Time records must be kept and such employees must be paid overtime for their work in excess of 40 hours in a payroll week.
  • Salaried: Salaried employees who are exempt from certain provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.



The organization is committed to providing a safe working environment. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Employees should immediately report to their supervisor any working condition that could pose a safety hazard. You may also submit safety suggestions or concerns to the owners.  

Employees must report all accidents immediately to their supervisor. Any incident requiring a child to sit out of an activity with ice must be documented using the Accident Report Form. The form must be completed the day of the accident. Follow up must be done the next day. A copy of the form can be downloaded using the link above.


Coaches and Instructors who work directly with children in their physical training must carry all certifications and professional memberships appropriate to their sport. If you have questions regarding which certifications are appropriate for your position, please ask the Director of your department. 

Additionally, all Coaches and Instructors must complete the "Heads Up Concussion Training" and provide Northpointe with a copy of their successful training certificate. Click on the following link to access the training: Heads Up Concussion Training.

The USAG website provides a free online training course in service of child abuse recognition and response. Northpointe recommends this course to all of our employees. 


In an effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment, Northpointe is tobacco-free. The use of tobacco products will not be permitted in or around the gym or studio property. Cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and pipe tobacco all fall under the guidelines of the tobacco-free workplace policy. This includes the use of lighted, battery-operated or electronic smoking or similar devices. The tobacco-free policy applies to all employees, visitors and customers within the workplace. 


Our programs are based on motivating parents and their children. Our job is to make them feel great. We realize that each of us has a personality that is uniquely our own, and we do not always agree with others. If there is a situation that you feel unable to handle, please ask for assistance. A high energy level is essential for all employees, especially those dealing with children. In keeping with this philosophy, coaches are NOT allowed to sit while teaching with the exception of spotting or when everyone is sitting for an explanation. In addition, coaches and instructors should not teach with their hands in their pockets or stand with their arms crossed. Instructors are also not allowed to coach with coffee, drinks or food in their hands. Please leave the coaching area in order to consume these items. Remember at all times that we are working with children and our job is for them to have fun and learn.


Technology is an important part of how we serve our customers and we encourage employees to leverage the technology available. The Northpointe technology tools used to perform Northpointe work—including Northpointe-provided devices or applications that allow employees to connect to the Northpointe network or access data from personal devices—are company resources and are provided for business purposes only.

You are expected to use good judgment when using Northpointe-provided technology, including but not limited to:

  • Access to the Internet
  • Social networking/media tools
  • Communication methods such as email, texting and voice mail
  • Approved personal or Company issued devices, including smart phones and other mobile devices that access the Northpointe Network
  • Private web-based email accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. that you may access through company-provided technologies
  • Information that is retrieved and stored in company-owned hard drives or Cloud services. 

We have a legitimate business need (including to ensure compliance with this Code of Conduct) to access, review, copy, move or delete the content and information carried by these technologies at any time and without notice, and by using these technologies, you understand and agree that Northpointe retains the right to do so. You are permitted to use these technologies for limited and reasonable personal use provided such use does not interfere with your duties. However, any such personal use is governed by all applicable Northpointe policies including this Code of Conduct. Employees should not expect privacy when using these resources, including when accessing remotely.

All Northpointe guidelines apply to the use of technology. These include, but are not limited to our expectations regarding harassment, discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, violence in the workplace, privacy and non-public, proprietary company information. Discriminatory, unethical and/or inappropriate behavior when using these technologies or social media is wrong and will not be tolerated.


Northpointe expects employees to exercise good judgment at all times including when driving on company time or conducting business while driving. Cell phone or other types of mobile device usage while driving can increase the likelihood of an accident causing injury to oneself or others. Use of a cell phone or other mobile devices in any capacity while driving is not required by Northpointe. Northpointe expects employees to avoid unnecessary use of such devices while driving, even where use is not restricted by law. To the extent possible, you should only communicate on mobile devices when safely parked. If you must make a call while driving, we expect you to use hands-free devices, keep the calls brief and exercise extreme caution.


We recognize that many of our employees use social media tools as another way to connect with customers, with each other and share information about Northpointe. Whether or not you are acting on behalf of Northpointe, or using your personal social media accounts or blogs to talk about our business, always use good judgment and follow these guidelines:

  • To use Northpointe-owned social media accounts, our logos and/or Northpointe photo/video on behalf of Northpointe, you must be approved and trained. Contact the General Manager if you have questions.
  • Don’t post sensitive, private or confidential company information.
  • Respect customer privacy. Never give out personal customer information (e.g. personal addresses, phone numbers, or credit card information).
  • Don’t post photos of or make negative comments about our customers or athletes.
  • Don’t post comments about a coworker or a customer that could be perceived as harassing, threatening, retaliatory, or discriminatory.
  • You may be legally responsible for the content you post so respect brands, trademarks and copyrights.
  • Follow terms and conditions for Social Networking sites.
  • Ensure your posts do not create a real or perceived conflict of interest. A conflict of interest exists if you have an interest outside of your work at Northpointe that interferes with your job responsibilities or affects your judgment on behalf of Northpointe. Please consult the General Manager with questions.


We highly value a positive work environment, and it is each employee's responsibility to help create and protect the positive culture of the company. The successful creation of a positive work atmosphere doesn't come just from lofty platitudes or momentous company events. Rather, it is created in a thousand interactions among our Staff and with our Customers every day. It really comes down to how we treat each other and how we choose to handle any concerns or issues that we encounter in the course of our business. We sincerely hope that most of what you will experience at Northpointe will be very positive, but when you have a concern, you are expected to take it to your Director as soon as possible. Your concern cannot be resolved if it's not communicated, and holding it in often leads to discontent. Most importantly, do not share any discontent you may have with your workmates, as sharing discontent with others only multiplies it and quickly leads to a negative experience—this is the fastest way to diminish a positive work environment—and the fastest way to losing employment at Northpointe.


At Northpointe we strive to create an inclusive, supportive environment. To that end, we do not permit discrimination or harassment of any kind. This includes discrimination or harassment based on sex; race; color; creed; national origin; religion; age; marital status; pregnancy; nursing mother status; physical, mental or sensory disability; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; military or veteran status; or any other basis protected by federal, state and/or local laws. Any unwanted and/or unwelcome behavior — whether it is physical, verbal, in person, written, or through email, social media, or other technological means — that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment is prohibited.

If you experience or observe any behavior you believe is discriminatory or harassing, you must report it immediately to a Northpointe Owner. Complaints will be investigated as promptly and as confidentially as is reasonable. Northpointe will take corrective action when appropriate, up to and including termination of employment.


We believe Northpointe should be a safe, efficient and productive place to work. Moreover, our business is working with and for children and families. For these reasons and more, employees must work free from the effects of drugs and alcohol.

Northpointe prohibits having, using, or being under the influence of drugs (including drug paraphernalia) during your shift (including meal and rest periods), while attending company events, or while otherwise representing the company. For the purposes of this policy, "drugs" includes: (1) any illegal drug; (2) any over-the-counter or prescription medication that is obtained illegally or is used contrary to its prescribed dosage or purpose; and (3) marijuana.

The use of alcoholic beverages at Northpointe is strictly limited to special off-hours occasions expressly indicated by Northpointe Owners. Northpointe prohibits employees from consuming or being under the influence of alcohol during their shift (including meal and rest periods), while working at competitions, or while otherwise representing the company.

If Northpointe determines that an employee has violated this policy or if an employee is perceived to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during a shift (including meal and rest periods), while coaching competition events, or while otherwise representing the company, Northpointe may take disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Northpointe may require employees to successfully complete drug and/or alcohol testing. Testing positive for drugs and/or refusing to cooperate with required testing, or failing to comply with applicable drug and alcohol guidelines, will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


Criminal behavior, theft of Northpointe merchandise, money, sales or other property, and fraudulent transactions are prohibited. They affect us all by diminishing our ability to meet our customers' needs and reducing our profitability.


To protect Northpointe, its interests and its property, you must comply with all applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations when you are conducting business on behalf of Northpointe. You also must avoid engaging in conduct that, even though legal, is inconsistent with Northpointe’s policies or ethical principles. This means that you must ensure that you do not use Northpointe property, funds, personnel, time, facilities or equipment for your own personal use or gain. This also means that you must return to Northpointe at the end of your employment any Northpointe property, equipment or sensitive, personal or confidential information as defined in these guidelines that is in your possession or control.

Information about company performance that has not been made public must also be kept confidential. Be especially alert if someone asks you about the current pace of business, enrollment, our profitability or our strategies. Participating in these discussions can result in an inadvertent but nevertheless damaging, disparaging or illegal disclosure of information.

If you have any questions at all about what constitutes sensitive, personal or confidential business information or how to protect that information, please contact a Northpointe Owner.


Director level employees are provided/assigned a email account through which to conduct all Northpointe business-related communication. Employees with Northpointe email accounts are required to check their email at least once in a 24-hour period. Emails requiring response or action must be responded to within 24 hours. Email accounts/addresses must not be used to send or forward emails of religious or political nature, or used in support of home-based businesses. All email accounts are the property of the company and as such may be accessed or monitored by Northpointe Owners/Administration.

Messages received at the front desk will be recorded and placed in the intended employee's box, or if urgent, delivered immediately to the employee. Employees must return all client-related or company phone messages within 24-hours.

Coaches and instructors should not use their cell phones on the coaching floor or in the fencing studio during instructive sessions/classes. Using smartphones to video record athletes and training is acceptable if cleared by your Director. Directors may use their cell phones in the training areas for Northpointe business if deemed necessary, but should be minimized as much as possible.  

Internet Access & Usage

Internet service/access is provided throughout the Northpointe facility for the use of our Staff and customers. The network router is password protected and the current password may be obtained from the Front Desk Staff. Naturally, during work schedule times, Northpointe Staff should limit their internet access to business use. Under no circumstances should Northpointe internet access be used to obtain, view, or reach any pornographic information. Doing so may lead to disciplinary action.

Emails That Discriminate

Any emails that discriminate against employees by virtue of any protected classification including race, gender, nationality, religion, and so forth, will be dealt with according to the harassment policy. These emails are prohibited at the Company. Sending or forwarding non-business emails through accounts will result in disciplinary action that may lead to employment termination.


Coaches and Instructors may choose to bring water bottles and other drinks into training area. However, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Use only capped water bottles or cups with secure lids (straws are acceptable)
  • No open cups (coffee or otherwise) are allowed in the gyms
  • Keep hands free while coaching (do not attempt to coach with a drink container in your hand)
  • Park drinks at an appropriate "drink station" and get a drink when needed
  • Used water bottles and cups must be disposed of in trash receptacles at the end of your shift


Staff mailboxes have been placed in the Staff Office or Front Office to inform employees of information important to their jobs. All employees should check their mailbox both before and after their scheduled work sessions as many messages occur while employees are teaching.


Staff meetings are scheduled by department. Please check with Departmental Directors for Departmental Staff Meeting schedules. These are MANDATORY, PAID meetings for all employees ages 16 and older. Pay rate for Staff Meetings is $10 per hour. Employees under age 16: Until you turn 16 years of age, you are not required to attend the above listed meeting.  In addition, if you decide to come to the meeting, Northpointe cannot pay you to attend, due to Child Labor Laws that mandate no person under the age of 16 may work past 7:00 pm on a school night. The meetings are informational as well as educational. You would certainly be welcome to attend, but it must be understood that your attendance would be on a volunteer basis. 


All Northpointe employees are to park in the North parking lot to make more room for the customers in the main South parking lot.


Northpointe employees may be assigned a specific cleaning duty each day. This duty is to be done at the end of each shift. This time is paid for, and specific duties will be assigned to the employee by the Director of the department.


The company maintains a file on each employee that contains important information about your personnel status. New employees must file a W-4. It is important to you and the organization that your records are correct.  You should notify the General Manager immediately if there is a change in any of the following:

  • Name, address, telephone number, number of dependents;
  • Withholding information;

If an employee disagrees with information in the file, the employee may file a statement explaining the employee's position regarding the disputed information.


Backrubs, massages and chiropractic adjustments between employees are not allowed in the facility.

USAG guidelines are very clear regarding coach/athlete interaction. Northpointe ascribes to the USAG guidelines for Coach/Athlete interaction.

The following is from the USAG website:

Standards of Behavior. To promote a safe gymnastics environment for USA Gymnastics' activities and events and to lessen the likelihood that an abusive situation could develop, participants must adhere to the following USA Gymnastics Standards of Behavior:

  1. Avoid Being Alone with a Minor. Gymnastics is a sport that lends itself to one-on-one situations between a coach and a gymnast. Avoid being alone with a child or any group of children in a private setting (e.g., locker room, bathroom, office, vehicle or residence), and avoid being alone with a child or any group of children in any place that is inappropriate to the coach-athlete relationship. When a one-on-one situation is necessary, such as private coaching lessons or conversations, conduct the activity within the view of another adult.
  2. Physical Contact. Gymnastics is a sport that creates opportunities for physical contact between a coach and a gymnast. Physical contact is acceptable when it is reasonably intended to coach, teach or demonstrate a gymnastics skill or to prevent or lessen injury (e.g., spotting, catching). However, care should be taken to ensure that such contact is not invasive of sensitive areas of the body.
  3. Parental Monitoring. Parents are encouraged to become as active as reasonably possible in monitoring the activity/event.

Northpointe staff should avoid any situation where they would be alone with an athlete, including:

  • Private lessons - If there are no other Northpointe Staff members in the training facility, the athlete's parent must be required to attend the private lesson.
  • Vehicle rides - If you need to provide a ride to an athlete, make sure you have another Northpointe adult employee in the vehicle as well. Coaches must never provide solo rides to athletes.

Expressions of Affection

  • Expressions of affection from athletes for their Coaches is a natural part of the training relationship, but Northpointe Staff must be aware of and protect against the appearance of inappropriate physical contact with an athlete. To that end, expressions of affection between Northpointe Coaches/Instructors and athletes should only be initiated by the athlete and be quick and light in nature. 
  • Full-on embraces and kisses are not appropriate and must be avoided.


For liability, risk, cleaning and allergic sensitivity reasons, Northpointe is a pet-free zone. Northpointe employees (and customers) should not bring their pets to the facility. 



Northpointe will maintain a fair and equitable salary and wage rate for each employee. The pay plan is based on work performed, attendance, punctuality, and the overall performance of the employee.


Northpointe pays you for all time worked. You are expected to accurately and completely submit all the time that you work. Northpointe is committed to paying employees accurately, including only making legally permissible deductions from employees' pay. Despite this commitment, mistakes can happen. We encourage you to review your payslips each pay period to ensure they are correct. Please notify the General Manager immediately if you believe an error has occurred with respect to your pay, including if you believe an improper deduction has been taken from your salary or other pay. Northpointe will investigate all concerns and will promptly make any required adjustments.


All hourly employees are required to sign in and out on the time sheet system.

  • Sign IN at the beginning of your shift;
  • Sign OUT at the end of your shift. (This is after any assigned cleaning duties)
  • Record All Time Worked Personally. You may not ask someone else to record your work hours for you on your Timesheet, nor may you record work hours for someone else on theirs. It is important that you understand that your recorded time may be reviewed by Northpointe.
  • Timesheets are provided in the Staff Office for your convenience. Timesheets must be filled out each day at the beginning and end of your work shifts. At the end of your shifts on the 5th and 20th of each month you must total and sign your timesheet. In order to comply with Federal and State laws, Northpointe will only process totaled and signed Timesheets for payroll. 
  • If you leave the premises during the day, you must sign out when you leave, and sign back in when you return. Failure to record your hours accurately could result in your being incorrectly paid. Falsification of a time sheet, or signing in or out for another employee is strictly forbidden and is grounds for immediate dismissal.  If you have failed to record your hours accurately, immediately inform your supervisor for assistance.


Payday is normally the 10th and the 25th of the month. If a legal holiday falls on a payday, you will be paid the preceding business day. If a payday falls on a Sunday, you will be paid the following business day. Employees’ Timesheets are collected on the 5th and the 20th of the month at the end of the workday. Unsigned and unfinished Timesheets will not be paid until corrected and will be called in the next pay period.


Private Lessons are a part of the training culture at Northpointe. It is our Philosophy that Private Lessons be made available to athletes at the Coaches'/Instructors' discretion, typically when there is a specific need or goal to which the athlete is aspiring. Private Lessons may also be given on a remedial basis, to help an athlete catch up to their training peers. Coaches and instructors are encouraged to offer and accept Private Lessons with Northpointe athletes, but must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Rate: Coaches and Instructors are encouraged to recommend an hourly rate for their Private Lessons. These recommendations are required to be approved by the Director of Gymnastics. Once approved, the rate must be submitted by the Coach/Instructor to the Front Desk for input into the financial systems of the company. 
  2. Eligibility: To be eligible for Private Lessons, an athlete/family must be in good financial standing. Specifically, their Tuition account and Competitive Fees Account must be paid to date, or have an approved and recorded payment arrangement with Front Desk/General Manager. In an effort to protect Northpointe families from carrying additional debt, Private Lessons are not available to families with accounts in arrears. 
  3. 75/25 Split: Revenues generated by Private Lessons are split with Northpointe on a 75/25 percentage basis, with the Coach/Instructor receiving 75%. 
  4. Scheduling and Payment Process: Private Lessons must be scheduled by the Coach/Instructor with the Front Office so that any potential conflicts with the training space or events can be identified. Payment for Private Lessons must be provided to the Front Office by cash, check or credit card, or for athletes/families in good financial standing (see definition of good financial standing above), Private Lesson fees can be added to the family's tuition account for payment to be run with regular tuition fees. Coaches must not accept payment for Private Lessons directly.
  5. Coach/Instructor Payment: Payment to the Coach/Instructor for their portion of revenue for Private Lessons provided will be processed with the next available pay period payroll following the collection of the fees. 
  6. Respect for Coaches: Coaches/Instructor who provide Private Lessons to athletes who are not in their typical Coaching groups must consult with the athlete's Coach prior to providing the Private Lesson, in order to receive additional background and insight to the needs of the athlete, and to understand and respect the goals and plans currently in process with that Coach. Following the Private Lesson it is also recommended that a short, written report (email, no text) be provided to the athlete's main Coach so that he/she may understand any progress made or challenge encountered.


Wages and salary information is confidential and as such is kept in your confidential file. Administration will not share your information with your peers or subordinates, and your information will only be reviewed by your supervisor, the owners and appropriate financial personnel involved in maintaining company finances.


Performance reviews may be given at any time during your employment at the discretion of the Owners.  However, all new employees will receive a written performance evaluation after the first 3 months and 12 months of employment. Thereafter, employees will receive a performance evaluation, and have an opportunity for merit increases, at the end of each 12 month period from their first anniversary date. Merit increases will be at the discretion of the Director performing the review and the General Manager. Generally speaking, merit increases are awarded for above average and outstanding reviews.



Northpointe business hours vary from day to day and also from the school year to summer. All employees are expected to be at work 10 minutes before their scheduled time to work. This allows for review of daily lesson plans as well as interface with gymnasts and parents that arrive early. Employees that do not arrive at least 10 minutes before work are considered tardy. 


Northpointe closes for all programs approximately two business weeks each year. These closure times are provided to Full-time salaried employees as paid vacation time. For 2016, the Closure/Vacation schedule is below. Additional (non-paid) time off must be requested in writing and approved by the employee's Director and the General Manager.

2016 Closure/Vacation Schedule - 16 Days

  • January 1 & 2
  • April 9
  • July 4-9
  • November 24, 25 & 26
  • December 23, 24, 26 & 31


Employees are requested to arrange doctor and dentist appointments outside regularly scheduled working hours. When a doctor or dentist appointment is absolutely necessary during work hours, advance notice (excluding emergencies) is required. 


Employees who are sick with a contagious illness should not come in to work. Employees needing to miss work/classes due to sickness must secure an appropriate substitution and inform their Director immediately.


Arranging/securing an appropriate substitution for any necessary work absence (including sick time) is the responsibility of the employee and should be accomplished with as much notice as possible. Employees with questions about what/who qualifies as an appropriate substitute candidate for a given class or assignment should speak with their Director for clarification. 


All salaried employees are required to be at functions put on by their department and Northpointe holiday events, unless otherwise specified by the employee's Director and the General Manager.


Hourly employees are given the opportunity to work additional hours at Northpointe “Fun Stuff” events, such as (but not limited to) Parent’s Night Out, Open Gym and Birthday Parties. These hours are paid at a set event hourly rate, which may be obtained from the General Manager. Salaried employees are expected to work these events at least once per quarter as part of their baseline responsibilities. Sign up for and management of these events is coordinated by the Special Events Director.



  • Irregular Part Time Employees are eligible to receive 20% off purchases at the Pro Shop. Children of Irregular Part Time Employees may attend Open Gym time at no cost.
  • Part Time Employees are eligible for all the discounts of Irregular Part Time Employees, plus 10% discount on any Northpointe recreational classes in which they enroll themselves or their children.
  • Full Time Employees are eligible for all the discounts above, plus an additional 10% (20% total) discount on recreational classes in which they enroll themselves or their children.


Funeral leave may be granted for deaths in the immediate family (spouse, children, parents, brother, sister, grandparents or spouse's mother, father, brother or sister). Leave will be granted for a reasonable time, up to but not exceeding 3 regularly scheduled workdays, which must be approved by your Director. Employees must secure a suitable substitute to cover any classes and other obligations, and communicate the substitutions to the appropriate Director.

Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the General Manager. 



Good common sense is the best guide to proper conduct. Because of our belief that employees will practice self-discipline, an all-encompassing list of rules and regulations is not considered necessary. The following guidelines, however, have been established for your reference:

Certain acts on or off the premises that jeopardize the safe and effective operation of our business, are so serious that immediate discharge is justified. These include:

  • Theft or unauthorized use/possession or willful destruction of company or another employee's property
  • Acting in a non-professional manner when representing Northpointe
  • Engaging in criminal activities while at work or away from work
  • Fighting with, threatening or intimidating other employees
  • Walking off the job
  • Falsification of records, including information on employment application, medical reports, time records, production reports, expense accounts
  • Possession of firearms or weapons on company property (weapons used in fencing/martial arts classes excluded)
  • Obscene or vulgar conduct
  • Insubordination or the refusal by an employee to follow supervisor's instructions concerning a job-related matter

In addition, there are certain acts that will be considered cause for remedial action that could range from an oral or written warning to suspension or discharge.  These include:

  • Repeated absenteeism or tardiness
  • Failure to report to work without a bona-fide reason
  • Leaving the work area without being properly relieved or receiving the permission of the supervisor
  • Neglect or carelessness in the performance of assigned duties or in the care or use of company property
  • Acting in a non-professional manner when representing Northpointe
  • Willfully interfering in the work performance of other employees
  • Unsatisfactory work performance
  • Failure to follow safe work practice or use provided safety equipment
  • Filling in another employee's Timesheet—IN or OUT
  • Improper attire or inappropriate personal appearance

This listing is not intended to cover all situations. There may be other circumstances that could result in disciplinary action. Any questions in connection with this policy should be directed to the General Manager.


It is very important that Northpointe employees look sharp for their athletes, customers and fellow staff members. Recognizing that this target value can be interpreted with varying tastes and preferences, we provide a minimum standard with the following guidelines.

  • As of July 1, 2016, a Northpointe logo shirt with sleeves will be required for all Northpointe Coaches and Instructorswhen on the coaching floor.
  • Jeans (any color) are inappropriate for coaching and are not allowed. 
  • No tank tops/sleeveless shirts
  • No non-Northpointe printed Ts 
  • Solid color Ts or sleeved shirts are acceptable if worn with/under a Northpointe logo sweatshirt or jacket
  • Hair should be neatly groomed and out of the face. 
  • Two Northpointe logo shirts will be provided to each employee by Northpointe at no cost. Each employee will need to purchase additional sleeved, active wear shirts to supplement their schedule requirements. Additional shirts may be purchased at Northpointe cost from the Pro Shop. 


The value of any employee to Northpointe is determined in large measure by the person's dependability. Every employee is important in the team effort by providing efficient and effective services to their department and our customers. Frequent absences, tardiness and early departures weaken our team effort and prevent us from giving our best. Additionally, attendance records are an important element in determining wage and salary increases. Two consecutive days of absence without making satisfactory arrangements with the department Director is considered a voluntary resignation.


Employees desiring to terminate their employment relationship with Northpointe are urged to notify the organization at least 2 weeks in advance of their intended termination. Full-time Employees with an employment agreement in place shall follow the agreement requirements for resignation/termination set forth in the agreement. In any event, termination notice is required in writing to the employee's department Director, with a copy to an owner.

Northpointe reserves the right to accept an employee's notice of resignation and to accelerate such notice and make the employee's resignation effective immediately, or on any other date prior to the employee's intended last day of work that Northpointe deems appropriate. In such instances, the employee will be paid only until the employee's last day of active employment.

If the terminating employee has been employed a minimum of 12 months, is eligible for vacation, any accrued and unused vacation time will be paid to the employee. Employees who are discharged for misconduct, including dishonesty, shall be ineligible to receive vacation pay. 


Northpointe takes compliance with the principles laid out in this Code of Conduct very seriously, and any waivers of strict compliance will be made in limited, special circumstances and will be provided in writing.


You are part of a company of talented individuals who work together to provide the highest level of customer service to our athletes and their families. Throughout your career at Northpointe, you'll face many new challenges and opportunities. As you rise to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities, we ask that you follow the Northpointe philosophy: use good judgment in all situations. Doing so will empower you to provide outstanding customer service every day, one customer at a time. 

Use the information included in the Code of Conduct to guide your decisions. You are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct and all other Northpointe policies. Because Northpointe is constantly growing and changing, this Code of Conduct may be revised from time to time without notice. The current Code of Conduct is available for download on the Staff Materials page of If you are ever in doubt or see something that doesn't look like good judgment, reach out to your resources, including your department Director, the General Manager or a Northpointe Owner — we are here to help. 


I understand that the information in the Northpointe Code of Conduct represents baseline guidelines and that the Organization reserves the right to modify this Code of Conduct or amend or terminate any policies, procedures or employee benefit programs at any time.

I understand that this Code of Conduct is not a contract of employment, express or implied, between Northpointe and me, and that I should not view it as such.

I further understand that only Northpointe Owners, have the authority to enter into any agreement guaranteeing employment for any specified period of time. I understand that any such agreement, if made, shall not be enforceable, unless it is in writing and signed by both one of the Owners of Northpointe and me. 

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