A Special Place of Love & Learning

Jump ‘n Learn is a Northpointe program that combines our incredible preschool gymnastics classes with a spectacular curriculum of music, art, dance, legos, around the world adventures, classroom essentials and more! Designed for ages 3 to 5 years of age, Jump ‘n Learn is a perfect match for active students who are ready to “Jump” into the wonderful world of learning.

preschool is a special time of life.

There is so much to explore and discover. Everything is new. All things are possible. Our mission is to introduce these bright and curious minds to lots of new things to learn and do. 

  • Academics Learning letters and numbers through example and play. Each month we will focus on a few letters and a few numbers to give them a strong alphabetical and numerical understanding. We will also be using a wonderful program called Handwriting Without Tears. This program provides developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory tools and strategies for handwriting. (For more information please visit www.hwtears.com.)
  • Gymnastics Jump 'n Learn kids automatically get to enjoy 45 minutes of gymnastics each day of preschool. It's tons of fun, but it's more than just play! Your child will be learning body awareness and control, strength, flexibility and balance. Plus, they'll practice helpful lifelong skills such as following directions, turn taking, overcoming fears, and physical fitness. 
  • Legos Learning  Our Lego curriculum will help each child with social skills, math, engineering and science. Some basic concepts include, distance, ramps, angles and friction. Legos Learning is a hands-on experience and curriculum created by our very own Northpointe Legos Professional. 
  • Music & Dance This program will immerse your child in the world of rhythm and beats. During dance your child will learn how to feel the music and move their body accordingly. Music will introduce your child to the world of instruments and song. Listening, watching and imitating will have your child moving and shaking! 
  • Art – What child doesn’t love art? Not only will we be creating, but we will be learning. Our art projects will be coordinated with other monthly activities such as seasons, holidays or storybooks. Your child will love bringing home projects to proudly show off their creativity. 
  • Passport Program Our Passport Program is a unique learning opportunity that immerses your child in a new country or culture each month. We take the kids on an adventure of language, food, music and people. We also will have visitors from the lands we are studying so the children get some up close personal learning. This is more than just a geography lesson—it’s an experience! 
  • Free Play Time each day is dedicated to free play. We feel this imaginative time is imperative to a child’s growth and learning. The social learning during this time is a very important life skill. 
  • Read Aloud - At the end of the day we will all sit together and read an old fashion paper book. Sharing the love of reading while calming down to prepare to go home. A list of books read will come home in each monthly newsletter so you can share these stories at home with your child as well. 

Fall 2018 Semester

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

9am to Noon - $294/month

Tuesdays & Thursdays

9am to Noon - $196/month