A Very Good Story...

We have a very unique privilege at Northpointe. Namely, involvement in the lives of thousands of children who come through our doors to train, learn and play. It is the definition of joy to watch these precious little ones (and the older ones) grow and achieve their goals. We believe (and it is well documented) that children who participate in gymnastics enjoy remarkable physical and emotional benefits. But we also understand that not every family can afford to enroll their children in club sports or extracurricular activities. And yet, these kids with fewer options may benefit the most from a program like ours.

So, in our own small way, we decided to try to help. One of our Northpointe families told us about the remarkable Head Start and ECEAP preschool programs in our area. We were introduced to the administration of the EOCF (the amazing Ilene LeClair and her staff), the organization that administrates funding for these programs in our area, and together we did something a little bit radical. We decided to open two Recreational Gymnastics Class time slots on Monday mornings and invite any child/family enrolled in either Head Start or ECEAP preschool to attend free of charge. These beginner classes are called White Ribbon Classes and through them we introduce three to five year olds to a new and incredible world of gymnastics. We began September, 2015 with four dedicated Coaches and immediately 75 kids enrolled in to these two time slots and filled our halls. It was fabulous. The program semester included 16 weeks of classes and ended just before the holiday break. Not that it was easy. Many of these kids had never attended anything like organized gymnastics, so there was a bit of a learning curve. But these kids responded like all kids do—they had a great time and learned like crazy. Naturally, some of them even showed significant promise in the sport. All of them got to have an experience they may not have had any other way. There was the meaning and the reward. 

Our ownership and Staff believed in the program so much, that we've decided to do it again. So, February 5th began Second Semester with two more White Ribbon time slots on Monday mornings. Once again, any family enrolled in either Head Start or ECEAP may enroll/attend (new attendees, please). Information about the program is available through Head Start/ECEAP or by calling Northpointe's Front Office. We are very pleased to be affiliated with the Head Start and ECEAP local chapters and the families they serve in Southwest Washington.