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Northpointe Gymnastics is a wonderful place for Vancouver families. We train kids in recreational and competitive gymnastics. Our club teaches kids the fundamentals of sport and life. We are a USAG Member Club.

Christmas Child

At Christmas time, it can be humbling to notice how many children in the world will go without food or clothing, let alone a gift.

This year Northpointe is excited to be participating in Operation Christmas Child.

Operation Christmas Child is part of Samaritan’s Purse, a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. With a little help from each Northpointe family we can help children all over the world have a better Christmas.

There are 2 ways you can participate:

  1. Donate an item or two from the list below (also available in the office or on the front table).  We also need cash donations for shipping (each box is $7.00).
  2. Check out a box for your family to fill from the office.

All donations need to be returned by October 31st.

Please join us in giving children around the world a box full of joy for Christmas. 

The Christmas Child "Shoebox" brings fits an amazing amount of Christmas Joy that is delivered around the world to a waiting child!

The Christmas Child "Shoebox" brings fits an amazing amount of Christmas Joy that is delivered around the world to a waiting child!


Bars of soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, washcloths/sponges, writing paper/coloring books/notepaper, pencils with sharpener, crayons & markers.


Flip-flops, socks, t-shirt, hat or scarf.

FUN IDEAS: (there are too many to list, but these are a few popular ideas)

Teddy bear/stuffed toy, small balls-tennis/baseball/rubber balls, deflated soccer ball with pump, puzzles, marbles, playing cards, watches, stationery-stickers/eraser/paper crafts/rulers, pencil case,solar calculator, flashlight with batteries, musical instrument-harmonica/recorder/percussion shaker, travel chess/checkers set, barbie type dolls, doll clothing for doll, Christmas angels, books,easy needle crafts-cross stitch/crochet, hair accessories, necklaces/bracelets/bangles for girls, toy cars/planes/trains, lego, lip gloss/little make up sets (NO NAIL POLISH), jump rope, sunglasses, comb or hairbrush.


Liquids, war-type toys, candies/chocolates/foods of any kind, medicines, matches/flammables, used or broken items.

Thank you for considering being a part of Operation Christmas Child.

—Northpointe Staff