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6707 NE 117th Ave
Vancouver, WA, 98662

(360) 254-7958

Northpointe Gymnastics is a wonderful place for Vancouver families. We train kids in recreational and competitive gymnastics. Our club teaches kids the fundamentals of sport and life. We are a USAG Member Club.

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Silver Medal

Silver Medal

Ages 6 & Over

Intermediate Skills Level

Silver Medal Class


Intermediate Skills, Increased Focus

Perfect for 6 year olds and up with experience who are ready for higher skills.

This 75 minute, intermediate class is a great middle ground between super fun and super focused. With the structure similar to Bronze Medal, gymnasts begin learning more advanced skills such as back walkovers, round offs, back handsprings, back hip circles, mill circles and MANY more. Silver Medal classes will continue to develop increased strength and flexibility, as these are imperative to advancing in gymnastics.